Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Is the home fit for Maya

Before I left for Amsterdam in August, I cleaned the house thoroughly.  Made it (nearly) surgically sterile.   Maya was in her ET stage at that time.  My concern was the state of a home closed for 2 months.   

Especially, if one has witnessed a sand or dust storm in Muscat.  The sand is so fine, it can get into your home through the smallest light leak and spread this perfectly fine lay of sand on everything.  And then, insects and creepy crawly things.  I had planned my defense.  Firstly, paint the entire house and remove all those marks on the wall, secondly seal all windows , doors, drainage outlets etc using proper masking techniques.  Seal all glass to keep out light and then clean the entire apartment, and then cover everything with cellophane.  All for good reason.  When we come back after 2 months,  I did not want to be cleaning the house.  We wanted the house to be Maya-ready!

Still when we left Amsterdam, we decided to check into the Radissons Blu for day.  The flight comes in at night, and going home is alright. But what if sand and dust has managed to get in.  It would be a nightmare for Maya and for us.  Hence, we decided to spend the night and the next day at the Radissons Blu .  Ingrid and Maya would be in the hotel while I go home and do my first inspection.  Which I did.  The house was in perfect shape.  My  plan had worked.  We were home 5th evening. 

As for Maya, so far she is doing perfectly well.   A lovely little girl she is turning out to be. 

The coming days are going to be rather uneasy for her.  After the first 2 months of her life in a country where the temperature has been just so fine and cold at times, we are going to be in this region.  Thankfully, at this time the weather is fine.  Nights of 28 or 29 and day time temperature of 30-34.  And it still keeps coming down.  Lets hope our little bundle of joy takes it all in the right spirit.  

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